#Readarama and a Jane Austen birthday

by Chronograph Post

I have only very recently cottoned onto Penguin Publisher’s ‘Readarama’’ initiative – or #readarama for the twitter-ites among us. Ostensibly, the idea is to get our nation reading and enjoying books once more, by posing the challenge whereby we pledge to read one book a week, for the duration of 2013. I must say it feels slightly reminiscent of the “walk to school week” challenge that was annually posited on every child at my school (those many years ago); however, this grown up version is something I am aiming to get myself involved in as much as humanly possible – it does seem to be a tad idealistic for anyone holding down a full time job or any level of social or familial responsibility… Nonetheless, I hasten to add the importance I have placed upon myself this year, to up my reading ante and conquer some of the books currently collecting dust on my shelves – I am one of the few remaining people on this planet who is yet to embrace the kindle.

However, as this year marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, it seems as good a time as any to reunite with my love affair for this absolute smasher of a book, and one of my all time favourite, dog eared paperbacks. Before the cries lamenting my obviousness of choice come hurling down on top of me, I must hasten to add that my favourite element of the novel by a mile is the punctuating presence of a certain odious Mr Collins. As a woman I realise I should align myself entirely with Elizabeth Bennett – and to all extents and purposes, that is the case (well done Ms. Austen). However it is the repugnant nature of Mr Collins, combined with the tasteless renderings of Mrs Bennet that land this book among the pile of comedy golds that take up the majority of space on my bookshelves.

During my research into the various festivities that were put in place to mark this Anniversary, I managed to stumble across the most fantastic Flikr account (full evidence available here) who have in their own unique way, documented the Pride and Prejudice fairytale.

Anyone else suspect J.A. would have loved this?

Pride and Prejudice 2   Barbie Pride and Prejudice 3 Barbie Pride and Prejudice 2

Barbie Pride and Prejudice