Present me a wall, P.G Wodehouse


It’s moments like this which stick the proverbial middle finger up at the digital Publishing world. This wildly impressive floor to ceiling display of P.G Wodehouse’s literary accomplishments (photographed at Hatchards on Piccadilly) documents the prolific writings which spanned a lengthy and varied career – in a way which is ultimately impossible to achieve on a digital handheld.

Much like a ‘Hoover’ has come to mean ‘vacuum cleaner’ – in this post a ‘kindle’, for ease, refers to all those reading tablets currently available on the market. For all those who have been living under a rock recently, the ‘kindle’ has become the revolutionary beacon in the battle of maintaining the modern household. A relationship saver that has single handedly eliminated the cause of much marital strife (his yellowing Terry Pratchett paperbacks) to make room for all those other vital household necessities (ceramic ducks for example). They have also allowed us to read with ease on the go; thin and light enough to tote along on the morning commute, the kindle has liberated our minds and shoulders and allowed us to catch up on the 50 shades saga, with increased ease.

…If I am being a tad facetious then it is merely to prove my point, I am obviously not so much of a Luddite ogre that I cannot appreciate the finer points of the kindle. However, abandoning the ideas of holidays, commutes and sneaking in your deliciously guilty reading, one can only appreciate such a vast body of truly brilliant work when it is physically in front of you, word for word. Page for page. Scrolling through a list of 30-40 files on an electronic device takes but a nano second, whereas seeing those thousands of carefully considered, masterfully written words in front of your eyes is the visual equivalent of experiencing a Jewish Friday night dinner: impressive, vast, and a tribute to the all encompassing skills and dedication of the writer (mother).

Now – off to find a bigger house with an extra wall…